Progress Report

OCTOBER 25TH, 2013

I’ve decided to make a blog to track my progress and how I’m feeling throughout this project.
I will be posting video’s  shortly but in the mean time here’s what’s happening…

I’ve settled on a project and have started setting it into gear (read about it here). My project heavily depends on other people… which makes me nervous. I have to find a choreographer and two dancers that are willing to commit to this. I have contacted my former dance coach to ask if she would be willing to help me out by making a short choreography. So far, no response… I also need to find two dancers, which I am hoping to get from my former dance studio.

In terms of music a friend of mine has connections with some musicians who are willing to grant me permission to use their songs! I had originally planned to make a soundtrack for this myself with the help of someone in order to avoid copyright infringement but this is so much easier. Finally some good news!

I still need to look into a location, I hope to find an abandoned building to shoot in.



Everything is slowly coming together!

I have looked at two buildings to shoot in. One of them is a building for commercial lofts and they happen to have a big loft space free. the building manager said I could rent it for the day but it comes at an expensive cost. the second building is an abandoned building that comes at no cost but it is more difficult to bring equipment in because we would have no access to electricity, so I would have to rent a generator. I am bringing my Director of Photography with me to the locations so that we can make a decision on location by the end of the week.

I have also chosen music for the shoot. The song is an instrumental version of the song Aurora Aura by Triune Gods.
You can listen to Aurora Aura here:

And check out the Aurora Aura comic here:

All that’s left is the dancers and the choreography… My former dance coach seemed to be of no help with this.
Luckily I have some other connections, I have contacted other dancer that I know through family connections and I am awaiting a response from them. I hope to meet with them sometime this week and have something choreographed by next week.



Thus far I have the instrumental version of the song I am using from the band Triune Gods. I have also looked into two locations, the first is a big loft type space that I can rent but it comes at an expensive cost. I then looked into an abandoned building which I managed to have access to and I loved the look of it but it is too much of a liability and a risky move (potential trespassing ticket, dangers of a somewhat decrepit building).  So I am now for the lookout for a new location. I would ideally want a big loft space that I could rent for a cheaper cost.

I have applied for Special Project Funding from the DSU and could receive up to $1000 for my project which would allow me to rent out my ideal space. I should have an answer from the DSU within the next week.

I also have a friend that is willing to help me film, seeing as this is my first attempt at filming. Said friend will also be helping me in the editing process.

The biggest part of my project is obviously the dancers and the choreography. I had originally contacted my former dance coach for help but to be frank, she left me hanging.  So I spoke with my mom about this and she has a friend of a friend whose daughter owns a dance studio. So I contacted them and asked for some help. I will be meeting with them tomorrow (November 19) so go over the details.

I had originally planned to film on the 24th of November but seeing as how I am just now finding dancers that are willing to help that is not possible. That being said I am afraid I will not make the deadline for my project. Would it be possible to have an extension?

All in all I am making progress but once again the fate of my project depends on the availability and willingness of other people’s involvement. This has been a huge stress factor for me and I worry that if they are unwilling or unable to help me I won’t be able to complete my project at all.

After tomorrow I should have a better idea of the dancers and the choreography but if after tomorrow I fail to have dancers and a choreography I may have to rethink my project.



Good news! It took me a while and I had to go through a long line of people and make many phone calls but I found my dancers!
We will be filming on November 30th, unfortunately this doesn’t leave enough time to choreograph anything so we will have to improvise. The dancers that are helping me have improvised before and said it shouldn’t be an issue so I will just have to trust their instinct.

Also, the location has been decided on. I went back to the first location I found and managed to get it for a cheaper price. I applied for the Dawson Student Union’s Special Project Funding and I got approved so with their help I will have no problem paying for the location!

the final product should be here soon.


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