Project Proposal


A one to two minute experimental music video that encompasses the idea of “Bodies in Motion”, which also serves as the working title. Two people dancing independently, choreography includes many acrobatic-esque moves. These moves are slow and sensual but not sexual. It is important to show the range of motion, them pushing their bodies to their limits. They continue dancing independently as the music winds up and reaches a peak they notice each other. The music slows to almost silent as they approach each other slowly. The music breaks its silence as they begin to dance together, first in unison but without touching each other then moving into each other. Dancing within one another, the dance is intimate but not sexual, they communicate with their bodies.

This project has two purposes, the first to show the range of motion within out bodies, to show how our bodies can transform and take different shapes. The second is to show how we are capable of communication without words, to be able to understand someone so intimately through action and senses.

This project has a personal significance because it speaks to me as a former dancer. It incorporates my two passions, film and dance. Dancing is such an intimate way to get to know someone, when dancing together you must have complete trust in yourself and your partner in order to evoke emotion in other people.

In order to complete this I will need two dancers, a choreographer, someone to create the sound track and a small crew for lighting. In order to gather these people I will contact my former dance coach who now owns her own dance studio and will hold auditions there. I will have to look for someone to do the music and I can ask several of my friends to help me with the lighting. This requires minimal equipment, A camera (my own Nikon D5100), lights, a tripod and a slider, all of which can be rented from Dawson. The video will be edited using the software at Dawson, FinalCut Pro, I will also need to find someone to help me edit the footage.

I plan to follow the following schedule in order to keep on track (schedule may change depending on availabilities of dancers and choreographer):

October 25th: Production meeting. I will have spoken to my former dance coach by this date and have set a date for auditions.

October 29th: I will have found someone to create the soundtrack.

November 2nd: Soundtrack will be complete

November 3rd: Auditions will have been held and the dancers will have been chosen.

November 5th-22th: Rehearsals with dancers in studio.

November 12th: Location for shoot will be decided, dance will be done in an industrial area.

November 24th: Day of Shoot.

November 27th-December 4th: Post production. Editing footage, color correction, etc.

This project is inspired by a video I watched, you can watch it here.


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